Extending Mother’s Day Celebration through Books


Mother’s Day has passed, but in our household we’ve decided to prolong the celebration by reading books about Mothers for the entire week.

Here are the books we’ll be reading and rowing  this week:

We start with some nursery rhymes from the beloved Mother Goose collection!
More nursery rhymes here, as this one’s the original.
This exceptional board-book tells a beautiful and timeless story about a daughter’s attempt to find the limit of her mother’s love.
Love You Forever is a story about a mother’s continual love for her son as he goes through different stages in life. “I love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be. ” Definitely a favorite of ours!
This book is about a baby bird that embarks on a journey to find his mother after hatching form his egg. He goes from animal to animal to object to object and wonders if he’ll ever find his mother! Eventually, in the end, he is returned to his nest where he finds his mother.
A Chair for My Mother is a story about a family and their community working together to meet a need. Various acts of caring are shown in the book, it also shows how a mother sacrifices in order to provide for her child’s needs.
A mother rabbit tells of the lengths she will go to find her baby, who threatens to run away. Unconditional love at its finest!

I’m sure there are a lot more books out there discussing mothers and their unconditional love for their loved ones.

Have a wonderful week ahead! God bless!