Free Homeschool Resources: Language Arts


Homeschooling is getting more and more popular in the country and  with this comes the vast number of resources made available to homeschoolers both here and abroad.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of having a new school year is the “curriculum hunting”. The books and materials are just so hard to resist, they are appealing that I want to try them all, and they just smell so good, don’t they?

But before you get overwhelmed and start blowing your budget,  I’ve come up with a list of the FREE resources that I’ve found online.

I hope that this can help you while you are still researching for the best curriculum best suited to your child’s personality and learning style (will blog about this soon) or help serve as an additional resource or even be the one you end up actually using for the school year. I am using a couple of them in our homeschooling 🙂

This is going to be a long list, so I will be dividing the posts by subject. I will start off with Language Arts which will include  Phonics, Reading & Comprehension, Writing, Grammar and Spelling.





  • Homeschool Share – Has unit study and lap book ideas for a ton of book titles. Book activities are divided into levels 1- 6, there’s also a multi-theme and multi-age sections. A great site and has a lot of activities for several Before Five in A Row and Five in A Row books.
  • Storyline Online – If you are feeling tired, just go to this site, pick a book and let the book be read to your kids by a well-known actor or author. Love this site!
  • Storynory  – A site with free audio stories that you can listen to online or download. Stories are categorized into original stories, fairy tales, classics, educational, myths and world stories, junior stories and poems and music.
  • LibriVox – A site that contains free Audiobooks. Just search for the book you like and you might find a recording of it here, just listen first to check audio quality.
  • Book Adventure –  a site that your kids will love! Check site for details.


Phonics/ Learning to read

  • Starfall – a great resource! Teaches letter names and sounds, blending, some math combined with music and fun exercises that your kids will definitely enjoy. You can get a lot just from the free version, but if you want more,  you can definitely get the paid version to get more access.
  • Progressive Phonics – I love this site! My daughter learned to read using this free online resource. You just choose what you like, download and print and you have an all-in-one reading program. Progressive Phonics has booklets for the alphabet recognition (lowercase and uppercase), phonics, handwriting and Dolche sight words.  Come to think of it, I should start using this for my 3rd child, will definitely print later 🙂


Grammar and Spelling

  • Daily Grammar – contains free grammar lessons and quizzes.
  • Spelling City – grade level spelling lists and you can add your own spelling list as well. Games are utilized to practice spelling.



  • K12 Reader – Downloadable worksheets per grade level on spelling, grammar, reading skills and vocabulary.


Hope this helps you in your homeschooling journey. Again the key is not to get overwhelmed, and just choose what works best with your family.

Stay tuned for the next in the series, which is FREE resources for MATH and SCIENCE.

Happy homeschooling!


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