How To Work From Home: The First Step

How To work from home


I have been working from home since 2012, it’s been quite a journey and I’ve grown so much professionally and I can honestly say that I am never going back to corporate.


Initially, people did not take the work I do seriously thinking it was some kind of MLM marketing or scam and that I would soon find myself on the hunt again for “real jobs’.


But now, 5 years later, I have friends asking me questions like, “Is it ok, like is the work stable?” or “Is the pay good?”


I think it’s normal for them to ask such questions since it’s no joke leaving a stable job and its many benefits.


So for someone planning to transition from a regular job into freelancing, where the heck do you start?


Step #1 Read and educate yourself.


It was my dissatisfaction and unhappiness with my work situation that led me to consider the possibilities of working from home. I mean, my corporate job was great and I had great benefits, but then the lifestyle I was living was not the one I wanted for myself and my growing family. I hated leaving home at night while my kids sleep and come home to them awake and ready to play with me, while I, on the other hand, is feeling drained and ready to go to sleep.


This feeling of dissatisfaction made me think that there must be another way for me to earn and at the same time not sacrifice the time I get to be with my kids. And so I opened my desktop and googled, “work from home jobs”  and the rest, as they say, is history.


Did I leave my work immediately after realizing that it is indeed possible to earn a living at the comfort of my own home?


No, of course not.  I still am very aware of certain realities I must attend to. But this is how I got started.


Just a nagging feeling in my gut telling me that there is another way. A better way.


And so if you are somewhat in a similar situation as I was 5 years ago, whether you are a parent wanting to spend more time with your kids or if you are an employee whose dissatisfied with your current work situation, then my advice to you is this:


Read and educate yourself.


Educate yourself and find everything you can about working from home. Google it. Join Facebook groups. Follow people who are already doing the things you want to do and ask them questions.


After your thorough study, it’s time to decide.


If you are married, it’s best to decide with your spouse as there are factors to consider like, do you have enough money saved up to afford to live on single income until you get your first job?


The same question applies if you are single.


So really, it’s about striking a balance.


Educate yourself well enough so you can make an informed decision.


Ask yourself if you’re ready. If you really want this. And be honest.


Take your time. No need to rush.  It may take a while, but you must DECIDE.


So, have you decided?


If you have any questions feel free to ask me or if you can relate please feel free to comment and share your own story as well.


Have a great day everyone!

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