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UPDATE:  There has been a recent update in the DepEd policies on equivalency and placement test as shared by Teacher Ched in the facebook homeschooler groups:

“DepEd has issued a new set of policies on Equivalency and Placement Tests
I think the PEPT is more homeschooling friendly (see page 23) — does not require too many documentations… You can retake a subject you fail…special accommodations for children with special needs …There is no more PVT… The ALS A&E is no longer just paper and pencil test but includes portfolio assessment. The minimum age for taking the ALS Elementary exam is 12 and for Junior High School (grade 10) exam is 16. HS exam takers can also take the Career Assessment test. Both PEPT and A&E now accept walk-in examinees.” – Teacher Ched

Read more about the DepEd policy here.

We are 100% independent homeschoolers. We are not enrolled with any homeschool provider here in the country or in the US.  We set our own rules and follow our own schedule. We choose and create the curriculum we like to use. My children study and learn about things that interests them which may not necessarily be aligned with what schools teach.

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So the question is, how do we get accreditation from DepEd?

This has been an ongoing concern for independent homeschoolers here in the Philippines, our family included, of course. So I did my own research on the topic, joined group discussions and here’s what I learned:

There are two basic types of independent homeschoolers in the country:

(1) those who did not enroll with any local homeschool providers but are enrolled with a US homeschool provider or umbrella school that isn’t DepEd accredited like Kolbe, Seton or Homelife Academy; and

(2) those who are not enrolled with any provider at all.

There are exams that can be taken from DepEd that caters to the needs of independent homeschoolers and they are the PEPT, PEVT and A&E exams.

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The  Philippine Validation Tests (PEVT) are intended to validate learning acquired by those who enrolled in elementary/secondary schools without permit; and those who studied in a non-graded school or distance education programs. And from what I learned, the PEVT Exam  can be taken by independent homeschoolers enrolled with overseas providers since they usually get  some sort of school record or transcript from their providers.

The Philippine Education Placement Test or  PEPT  is a paper and pencil test  to  determine the grade or year level appropriate for the test taker. This exam can be taken by independent homeschoolers who have no school records to show since they have not enrolled with any provider.

Lastly, the Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test under the Alternative Learning System (ALS) is a paper and pencil test administered for those who have not finished either the formal elementary or secondary education. The A&E exam is easier than PEPT and it is more practical (functional literacy) in nature.

Independent homeschoolers who are not too concerned about getting accreditation yet, mainly because their children are too young,  may opt to just have their children take the A&E exam when the kids are older and more mature.

Ok, so now we know the options. Next question is, what are the requirements?

For more accurate information,  I think it’s best to call and  inquire with the agencies who administers the examinations.

For the A&E exam, inquire and  register with an ALS learning center usually provided by a number of DepEd public elem or hs, some barangay, NGOs and churches.

For the PEPT or PEVT exams, call or go to:

Test Administration Division

Rm 215, 2nd Floor, Mabini Bldg., DepED Complex (ULTRA),

Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

Contact Nos.: 631.2571 / 631.2591 / 631.6921

You may also read more about PEPT and A&E here,  here and here.

If you are an independently homescholing or unschooling leave a comment with your email address so I can add you to become a member of an exclusive Facebook group dedicated for Independent homeschoolers!

Happy homeschooling!

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    Hi. I would like to learn more about homeschooling cos this is my first time to do so and still praying what to do for my 6 y.o. daughter who has ASD since I haven’t found a provider that would cater to her needs and suit our budget cos I”m a single mom. Kindly add me to your group. Thank you and God bless

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi OJ, you are not alone. I know of single moms who are able to homeschool successfully! Invited you to the group, please check your email. I am by no means an expert on the matter, I am also learning as I go along and the moms who’ve pioneered homeschooling in the country as such a huge source of wisdoma and inspiration. I’ll post a blog about them soon!

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    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Supermom C, thanks for dropping by! It’s great that you are considering to homeschool your child. When it comes to the lesson plans and the curriculum, you really should start first with what your goal is for homeschooling your child and then observe how your child learns best, is he visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Really lots to consider but most of all pray for God’s guidance. I have added you to the independent homeschooler’s group so you can get more support and meet fellow independent homeschooling families. All the best!

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