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I’m Daise and I used to blog at www.thehomeschoolingwahm.wordpress.com. It took me a while (2-3 years :)) before I finally decided to buy the domain name and host it myself. You know, life happens and sometimes the things we’re passionate about, things we could spend hours doing, simply gets set aside for more “important” stuff.

Now it’s finally here. I did it! One of my goals is to have my own little space on the web. I do hope to meet and interact with people who relate to the things I share here on my blog.

People who want to work from home or would want to work from home but doesn’t know how- I would love to help you get started. Let’s share stories!

People who are curios about homeschooling and those who are already homeschooling- I would love to meet and get to know more of you. Let’s help educate others about what homeschooling is about.

People who are financial literacy advocates- let’s share best tips and ideas on how to better manage our finances and how to make it grow.

And for those who are just browsing the web, and accidentally stumbles upon my blog- you’re welcome to stay and I would love to hear your thoughts!

I’m excited to meet and share stories with all of you! God bless!

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